16 August 2005

Inconsistent Module Initialization

I've been getting a lot of errors like the following lately from Bigloo:
*** ERROR:body:Inconsistent module initialization
Module `body' is inconsistently initialized by module `__nbody'.
At least of the two modules must be recompiled (see also -unsafev option).
and I think I finally realized what the problem is. I have a bunch of modules which are all separately compiled, and then put together by a "heap" file as described in the chapter from the Bigloo manual on libraries, but the Makefile I'm using doesn't think that the heap file depends on the separately compiled files. So, the code the heap file uses to initialize the modules it imports becomes stale whenever the exported interface of these modules changes.

This problem arises because bdepend doesn't think that import commands in the module header create dependencies. Normally this is true---bigloo modules can, in general, be separately compiled---but in the case of a heap file, it won't work. (It also won't work for the file which has the -dload-sym option on the command line if you're doing dynamic loading.) The heap file needs to be recompiled if any of the modules it imports have changed their exports. Probably it's easiest to just add a command to the Makefile so that the heap file depends on all the source files in the project; this will recompile it more than necessary, but it's easy and the heap file doesn't take very long to compile.

EDIT: Actually, this problem afflicts all files, not just the heap ones. If module A imports module B, then module A needs to be recompiled if module B's exported interface changes. I've submitted a bug report about bdepend not recognizing this to the bigloo list.

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