31 August 2005

bdepend Problems Solved

I just figured out why I was having problems with module initialization. I also solved a long-standing mystery in my own mind: what the hell are those .mco files that Bigloo produces all the time? In fact, .mco files are module checksums---reproduced (I assume) every time the interface to a module changes. So, bdepend does, in fact, know about dependencies on (import ...) modules; it just uses the .mco files to compute these dependencies, not the .scm files themselves! Very smart, since the .scm file could change in a way that doesn't affect the interface and therefore wouldn't require recompilation of every module which (imports ...) said .scm file.

So the solution to my problem is to strike the -fno-mco flag on bdepend, and add a -fmco flag when bigloo is compiling a module. Ta-da! No more inconsistent module initialization, and no more complete system recompiles. Wonderful!

P.S.--Maybe someone (me?) should write something up for inclusion into the Bigloo manual about bdepend and mco files. There's very little in there right now (hence my problems making this work).

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