07 September 2007

Quick Note on Continuations to comp.lang.scheme

I just posted a quick note on continuations to c.l.s. I'm afraid it's pretty basic, and doesn't really do the topic justice, but maybe the original poster will find it helpful. I'm noting it here because no ever seems to explain continuations the way I did in my note (at least, I haven't seen any explanations like this), which uses "return points" to illustrate what continuations do. I don't fully understand continuations (in particular, I have a lot of trouble with the delimited continuations that PLT Scheme has recently acquired), but thinking of them the way I talk about in the c.l.s. post is the way I manage to muddle through using them. How do others think about call/cc? (i.e. what images are going through your head while you figure out how to do what you want with call/cc in code, not how do you formalize call/cc, or how you explain it to someone else, or ....)