22 June 2005

Typed Vectors in Bigloo

I learned at the beginning of the month how to make a typed vector (also called monomorphic, I think) in Bigloo scheme. I had known that Bigloo would automatically unbox vectors of doubles or integers if it could infer the type of them, but you can't guarantee this. This kept me from using Bigloo for my numerical projects---it's essential that such vectors be unboxed, and I didn't want to leave it up to the type-inferencing engine. However, at the beginning of the month a message came out on the Bigloo mailing list (it's no longer in the archive on gmane, and it came around before the inria archive, so this may be the only place you can find it): the way to make a typed-vector is demonstrated in the following example from Manuel Serrano:
(module foo
   (type (tvector array-of-int (int)))
   (export (foo::array-of-int ::int ::int))
   (main main))

(define (foo len init)
   (make-array-of-int len init))

(define (main x)
   (let ((v::array-of-int (foo 10 20)))
      (print v)
      (array-of-int-set! v 5 6)
      (print (array-of-int-ref v 5))))

Apparently you can also find more examples of this in the recette/vector.scm module in the source for Bigloo.

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