21 May 2005

First Post

I've finally broken down and started a blog. Typically for me, it came impulsively as I was searching for information on the best way to rip books on tape (CD) in iTunes, and stumbled on http://aldoblog.com/blog/471. Since we're flying to California, Oregon and then the Netherlands this summer, we've got some 30 hours of time on planes, and thought we'd get some books on tape for Rachel's iPod. The above link gives the details, but the short version:
  • Set the import file format to AAC, 64kbit Stereo Rate, Mono Sampling
  • Use the Advanced menu option to consolidate the tracks into one (so you don't have 50-60 tracks for one book on the iPod).
  • Once the file is ripped, change its type from m4a to m4b so that iPod will automatically maintain your listening position rather than resetting to the beginning of each track. You can use the MakeBookmarkable script, or (I think) just change the extension of the imported file to m4b.
I intend to record such tibits here in the future so that they're easy to find.

1 comment:

Carson Day said...

Dear Mr. Farr,

The very fact that you put your thoughts in a grammatical form, where the direct object usually comes after the subject in your sentences, shows us that your thoughts do not end up on your page "randomly." You have given us deliberate, sequential thoughts, not random ones as you promised.

Why not instead put "various thoughts,"A salad bowl of thoughts" or even something (if you must) that employ the French word "Pot Pourri"??

Surely the grammar Nazis will not let you live it down if you keep your title "as-is."

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